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Useful information

What is recycling?
Recycling is the return of the already used materials with application of the physical and chemical appliances to the recurrent production process.

Importance of the recycling

  • Allows the protect people health and environment.
  • Give an opportunity to save energy.  
  • Decreases the environmental pollution via cutting the wastes volume. 
  • Support sustainable economic development.  

Why recycling is useful?
When we process waste from garbage dumps, we prevent everyday growth of environment pollution. Recycling of the waste paper we lowering the air pollution for 74-94%, water pollution 35%, water consumption 45%. Every modern citizen must be a part of recycling project as he/she has a moral duty to protect environment, economy of the country, humanity.

What to do?

  • When you write or copy use the reverse side of the list;
  • No mix the paper and cardboard waste with other wastes;
  • Deliver up collected paper waste to the recycling enterprises;
  • Use as fewer plastic packets as possible during the buying of a small-size goods;

Facts associated with recycling     

  • 90% information over the world is on the paper and these is never used;
  • The yearly wasted paper could provide the heat to 50 million house during 20 years.
  • For supplying of the US paper demand about one billion trees are extracted in a year.
  • Every year 1,5 ton/person solid wastes are thrower to the environment; 
  • 0.40ha wood is abolished in a minute because of insufficiency in the recycling;
  • The chemical processes of the paper recycling pollute the air 70% less;
  • For producing of 1 ton newspaper 24 trees required to be cut.
  • 1 ton recycling paper and carton save 17 trees;
  • 1 ton recycling paper and carton save 17 trees which provides oxygen to 34 man;
  • If humanity produce all newspaper by the recycled paper, this would save 350 million trees.
  • For printing the Sunday news in all world half a million trees are cut in a week;
  • During II World War 33% of the paper was produced by waste paper.
  • The energy saved via production of the one alumina bottle can make provision of working TV for an hour; 
  • The recycling of the 1 t plastic saves the gasoline consumption for 1000-2000 gallons; 
  • If put the bottles to one on another, then it can make a distance more than 20 times from earth to moon and return.
  • Recycling of the plastic is the saving of 3500-7000 liters of fuel.
  • If not process them they will remain in nature 500 years.
  • Using of the energy of one plastic box we can lighten with 60 volt electric lamp for 6 hours; 
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