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Social actions

Based on the fact that the environmental education in young years of age is more effective, starting since 2016 the department focused on big targets. Thus, organized the meetings with the students of scientific-educational organizations with the aim of forming a recycling thinking mind and education of all young generation in Azerbaijan and delivering an recycling idea, its importance and role in contemporary world. First were hold the meetings with environmental group of Ministry of Education of AR, Azerkimya PU, Sumgayit school pupils and delivered the trainings. Also, for expansionand widening the representation of our activity in 2014, we startedthe project “Replace each leaf” together with the “IDEA” public union and “ASAN SERVICE” agency and promoted the action named “Green mountain” in Sumgait, Sabirabad, Barda has been collected 600 ton waste paper in frame of this project. During this time 3,000 “green boxes”has been established, which are found with great interest by people and paid up its contribution into this project. Now, these actions are continued in permanent basis. Let's not forget that 1 ton of waste paper equals 17 pine. Let's save the nature!

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