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Fairness and honesty principle - Our activity is based on the concept of fairness,  never impair the others’ rights;

Activity principle - We believe that everybody harvests the sown by himself and that everybody remunerated by his/her work;

Quality principle - Our fundamental goal is the to define the demands and desire of the our clients and to provide them goods and services the higher quality than they want;

Responsibility principle - In each product produced we keep in mind the human factor and no any compromise concerning to this issue;

Morality principle - We employ people with high morality and believe that they are the leaders of their business;

Certainty principle - We pay importance to the motivation of our staff, support them materially and morally;

Team spirit - Encourage open and free pronouncements of staff and pay significance to their ideas;

Cooperation principle - Establish reliable, secure and healthy working environment for staff;

Flexibility principle - We see the basis of our success in dynamic and permanent development of iur staff;

Organizational skills principle - We consider the sense of credence  and  interpersonal relation highly;

Parity principle - With all staff members and people with who we have business contacts we communicate from the parity position regardless of their religious, language, racial, national and social status;

Technological know-how principle - Rapidly adopting innovations, developing them and forming our own know-how; 

Perfection principle - The quality is our life;

Usefulness  for society principle - We make an effort for gaining the credibility of people in regions of our activity;  

Environment regarding principle - In each engagement we make an effort to protect nature;

Legality principle - We obey the law of the country where we are;

Future principle - We headed our steps to future to enlightening  for next generations;

Passion and honor principle - With the persons and organizations we are in relation communicate with regard, and pay attention to develop human relations between us;

Fair competition principle - We believe to the potential of  competition and that it will lead us to the perfection!

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